• 1 Soaring | Haiku
  • 2 Mele 'Uhane | Haiku
  • 3 New Moon | Haiku
  • 4 Nu'uanu Nocturne | Haiku
  • 5 Haiku | Haiku
  • 6 Pua Mamane | Haiku
  • 8 Hiilawe In The Rain | Haiku
  • 7 Ku'u Pua I Paoakalani | Haiku
  • 9 Puamana | Haiku
  • 10 The Night Blooming Cereus | Haiku
  • 11 Makuahine Aloha | Haiku
  • 12 Waikiki | Haiku


Track List.

1.    Soaring
2.    Mele ‘Uhane (Spirit Song)
3.    New Moon
4.    Nu’uanu Nocturne
5.    Haiku
6.    Pua Mamane
7.    Ku’u Pua I Paoakalani (My Flower in Paoakalani)
8.    Hi’ilawe in the Rain
9.    Puamana
10.   The Night Blooming Cereus (Panini O Ka-Punahou)
11.   Makuahine Aloha
12.   Waikiki




Available on iTunes only

This much-anticipated collaboration between shakuhachi grand master Riley Lee and slack key artist Jeff Peterson was released in 2002.
In their first two offerings, Riley and Jeff explored the simplicity of bamboo flute and guitar, weaving an ethereal web of melodies that inspire a following wherever their music is heard. This new recording takes their collaboration to a new level, combining their instruments in multilayered arrangements. The addition of bass and percussion adds a deep rhythmic component to the soaring harmonies Riley and Jeff have created for this new collection.
Internationally acclaimed Riley Lee has recorded over 50 albums. One of the hallmarks of his work has been successfully combining the other-worldly sounds of the shakuhachi with instruments such as the didjeridu from Australia, and now, with the satisfying sounds of Hawaiian slack key.
Jeff Peterson was born and raised on Maui where the music of his Hawaiian heritage provided a foundation for Jeff’s exploration of classical and jazz forms. Jeff is also a noted composer whose works have been performed both in the US and abroad. This recording features many of his compositions as well as Hawaiian classics.