• Aumakua Clip
  • Ka Makani Kolonahe Clip
  • Adrift Clip
  • Jugoya Clip
  • Kilauea Clip
  • Sunflower Clip
  • Na Pali Clip
  • Spirit of Rice Clip
  • Light Through Ocean Rain Clip
  • Island Breeze Clip
  • Yume No Pahu Clip
  • Lanikai Winds Clip


Island Breeze

Track List

1.  `Aumakua

2.  Ka Makani Kolonahe

3.  Adrift

4.  Jugoya

5.  Kīlauea

6.  Sunflower

7.  Na Pali

8.  Light Through Ocean Rain

9.  The Spirit of Rice

10.  Island Breeze

11.  Yume No Pahu

12.  Lanikai Winds

Island Breeze Cover Art JPEG

“Island Breeze” is a trio of world class musicians, each masters of their own instruments, who have come together to create some new and beautiful music. Award winning Hawaiian Slack Key Guitarist Jeff Peterson and shakuhachi master Riley Lee have been working together for many years but they joined forces with taiko master Kenny Endo during a week-long residency in which each artist conducted intensive workshops. The trio put together a program of refreshing music, like an “island breeze” and presented it in concert at the University of Hawai‘i’s Orvis Auditorium. Many people who attended the concert wanted to take the music home with them to continue listening to the gorgeous music which resulted from their collaboration.

Produced and arranged by Jeff Peterson, Riley Lee, and Kenny Endo

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jules Washington at Blue Planet Sound

Graphic Design by Disc Makers

Photography by Jeff Peterson(Cover and scenic photos), Rudi Van Starrex(Riley Lee), Kim Taylor Reece(Jeff Peterson), Shuzo Uemoto(Kenny Endo)

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