Instructional DVD: Learn To Play Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar with Jeff Peterson Volume 1

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The sheet music on the video can be downloaded by inserting the DVD into a computer disk drive and opening the files using a PC or Finder in MAC computers.  If you have any difficulty downloading the music please send a message via the contact page.


Hawaiian slack key guitar or kī hō`alu is a celebrated cultural art form that developed many generations ago with the introduction of the guitar to the islands by the vaqueros who were brought in to teach Hawaiians the art of ranching.  Unique tunings and a nahenahe or beautiful and soothing guitar style evolved that captures the essence of the aloha spirit and provides great joy for listeners and performers alike.

Drawing from over 20 years of teaching experience, two-time GRAMMY® Nominated and eight-time Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award-winning guitarist Jeff Peterson shares his knowledge of Hawaiian slack key guitar during three hours of instruction with in-depth explanation and repertoire in the open G (Taro Patch) and Drop C tunings for beginning through intermediate level guitarists. Repertoire covered includes original songs by Jeff and Hawaiian classics including Kalena Kai, Kamalani O Keaukaha, He Aloha No `O Honolulu, Kaimana Hila, Kipahulu, Nani Kaua`i, Koali, and Hi`ilawe.

Lessons Include:

🎸 Right and left hand playing technique

🎸 Chords, fingerings, and thorough explanation of the tunings

🎸 Hawaiian style accompaniment and alternating bass patterns

🎸 Traditional techniques including harmonics, pulls-offs, hammer-ons, and slides

🎸 Printable notation and easy to follow tablature for 11 songs

🎸 Performances and instruction of each song

🎸 Improvising over popular Hawaiian song progressions


Learning to play slack key guitar is fun, relaxing, and a meaningful way to explore a beautiful and enriching part of the Hawaiian culture.


“Jeff Peterson is one of the best guitar teachers on the planet. As both an incredible musician and a gifted teacher, Jeff Peterson excels in the beautiful genre of the Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar. He is absolutely the perfect choice to help you expand your musical horizons.”

Keola Beamer

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Master

Songs covered:

Taro Patch Study #1, Taro Patch Mele, and Pahe’e Slack Key composed by Jeff Peterson

Kalena Kai composed by Charles E. King

Kamalani O Keaukaha composed by Lena Machado

He Aloha No `O Honolulu composed by Lot Kauwe

Kaimana Hila composed by Charles E. King

Kipahulu composed by Carl Hoku Rasmussen

Nani Kaua`i composed by Lizzy Alohikea

Koali traditional song

Hi`ilawe traditional song

Written, Directed, and Produced by Jeff Peterson

Film by Makai Studios

Photography by Erin McNally

Liner Notes by Jeff Peterson and Danielle J Kahealani Peterson

Filmed on location in Olinda, Maui

Jeff Peterson plays handcrafted guitars by Goodall Guitars and uses D’Addario Strings.

A Goodall Concert Jumbo with Indian Rosewood and Sitka Spruce was used.