• 1 Kokee | Pure Slack Key
  • 2 Puamana | Pure Slack Key
  • 3 Ka Nohona Pili Kai | Pure Slack Key
  • 4 Punahoa Special | Pure Slack Key
  • 5 Ku'u Lei Awapuhi | Pure Slack Key
  • 6 Almost Home | Pure Slack Key
  • 7 Kaimana Hila | Pure Slack Key
  • 8 Haiku | Pure Slack Key
  • 9 Wai'alae | Pure Slack Key
  • 10 Once In Waikiki | Pure Slack Key
  • 11 LetsRide | Pure Slack Key
  • 12 Maui Moonlight | Pure Slack Key
  • 13 'Ulili E | Pure Slack Key
  • 14 Pahe'e Slack Key | Pure Slack Key

Pure Slack Key


1.  Koke`e
2.  Puamana
3.  Ka Nohona Pili Kai
4.  Punahoa Special
5.  Ku`u Lei Awapuhi
6.  Almost Home
7.  Kaimana Hila
8.  Haiku
9.  Wai`ale
10.  Once in Waikiki
11.  Let’s Ride!
12.  Maui Moonlight
13.  `Ulili E
14.  Pahe`e Slack Key


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2008 Hoku Award Winner for Best Instrumental Album

Pure Slack Key features a combination of 6 original pieces and traditional Hawaiian songs representing the diversity and depth of the slack key tradition from one of the genre’s most accomplished artists. With his 6th album, Jeff Peterson takes the two-century-old Hawaiian kiho`alu (slack key) tradition to a new level, with relaxing, nahenahe (sweet) sounds that lift the spirit and invigorate the soul.

Pure Slack Key flows like the rolling tides that touch the shores of the Hawaiian Islands.  From the roots of a tradition that spans nearly two centuries to the voice of a new generation, Jeff Peterson’s music tells the stories that make Hawai`i a true paradise.

Slack Key guitar was born in the 1830s on the island of Hawai`i when King Kamehameha III brought in Mexican and Spanish cowboys to teach the Hawaiians the art of ranching.  These visiting cowboys enjoyed playing the guitar and introducing the instrument to the people they met.  Soon the guitar became very popular in the islands and a new style of playing developed as the Hawaiians added their spirit of aloha to the instrument and experimented with different tunings.  Over time, many tunings have been created and are now enjoyed throughout Hawai`i and on distant shores around the world.

Pure Slack Key is offered with Jeff’s deepest aloha.

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